Three Tips for Finals Morning

Oh god. It’s here. The day you’ve been both preparing for and dreading. Finals morning. You’ve done the studying, you’ve made the flashcards, but there are a couple more things to do to prepare on the morning of your test.

1.     Set an Alarm

It’s very important to get a good night’s sleep before your final. Sleep helps your brain remember information, and you obviously need energy for your test. But it’s more important to actually WAKE UP for your final. Set an alarm that gives you enough time to get out of bed, eat a good breakfast, and get to the test with some time to spare.

2.     Eat a Good Breakfast 

Speaking of breakfast, you should also eat a sturdy meal on test day. This can be hard, as the nerves can make you feel like you’ll never eat anything again, let alone something that morning. But you need energy to ace the test. Eat something with protein, like eggs or yogurt with fruit, and if you’re allowed, bring a snack like a granola bar with you to the test. And remember, healthy not heavy! You don’t want to eat something thick that will put you in a food coma halfway through the exam. Avoid things loaded with carbs, like bacon or bread.

3.     Practice Mindfulness

Last thing. Before you walk into the test, take a moment for yourself. Take a deep breath, and then another. Focus on your breath, in…then out. Then visualize yourself getting the grade you want on the test. Visualize the flashcards you’ve memorized, the practice problems you’ve learned, and the test taking practices you’ve got down pat. Now you’re ready for your final.