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Academic Tutoring

We offer traditional subject matter tutoring for ages K - 12, with subjects ranging from Reading Comprehension, to AP Chemistry and AP Physics C. 


Test Preparation

Our standardized testing approach:
Strategies are helpful but if your student doesn't understand the underlying material, they cannot improve. That is why we spend a significant portion of our preparation refreshing your student on all of the underlying math, vocabulary and other material.

Our process: 
1. Diagnostic: We believe each student needs a starting point.

2. Refresh: We refresh all of our students on the underlying math, root words, and vocabulary.

3. Strategy: We work on teaching our top test taking strategies and timing.

4. Practice: We extensively review actual test materials. 

5. Mindset: Finally, we work on teaching the right mindset to help your student reduce any performance anxiety and perform to their potential!


Learn How to Learn

This is our signature study skills program. Studying is important but if your child is distracted or doesn’t have the right underlying study skills, they end up spending time on the wrong things. In our Learn How to Learn program, we teach your child 10 key study/life skills to help your child better navigate their classes. We have found that when your child has learning differences a strong foundation is essential to learning.  But, when they are not taught the right tools, its like navigating in the dark. Yet, when a child is show the road and the right tools, we have found that everyone can learn how to learn!