Why is Math so hard to learn?

We, as kids, have faced this situation during our school/college days. Now, when our children find Math difficult, we ought to understand ‘Why.’

Let’s compare Math with the learning a new language. Both have some sets of rules that a student needs to follow. When writing answers related to a language, in case a student makes a mistake, it might not affect the final answer. The teachers correct only the portion that’s wrong.

Conversely, if a particular step is not right in a solution to a Math problem, it affects the whole answer. In such cases, the teachers treat the solution as wrong and not just that particular step. This is where students give up.

Another reason is that the way it is taught. The method of teaching skips the different ways through which someone can reach a solution. This simply means it is not the children who are to be blamed; it’s those who teach them.

The result is that the students start hating the subject and prefer choosing the streams where there is minimum or no use of this subject.

At Ladder Method, we have understood these gaps related to the teaching of Math language. This has helped us develop a method that simplifies this subject. The students understand how to practice in a manner that ensures a concept never fades out from the mind. We also apply this method while tutoring the students preparing ACT or SAT.

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Customized Lessons and Other Benefits of Private Tutors

Should a student use a private tutor or not? It seems to be the topic of significant debate! What are the benefits of private tutors? 

1.    Tutors model good student behavior

Tutors often act as accountability partners to make sure that your student is staying on track.  

2.    Tutors adjust the pace of each lesson

One of the goals of The Ladder Method is to help your student maximize the time they are spending on their studying. A strong tutor can adjust the focus, goals and pace of each lesson to ensure that your student is being efficient in the session. Over time, this modeling of behavior can be internalized by the student to help them be more efficient in their work even when the tutor is not present. 

3.     Schools are not often focused on teaching students study skills

One of the biggest misunderstandings we find is that parent perceive that the school should be providing information as well as showing students how to internalize that information. It's just no longer the case. Schools are intended to be places of learning but they are not often equipped to also then individually tackle the task of teaching each student how to learn. A tutor can step into this role.  

4.     Tutors can supplement information given by teachers

A strong subject matter tutor can often supplement the information relayed by teachers. With a good tutor and student relationship there may be less hesitation on the part of the student to ask difficult or seemingly simple questions.  

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What makes ACT so hard?

There are myriad of factors that tell why ACT is so important. Most of the colleges ask for your ACT score during the admission process. You might also get a scholarship based on your performance in this test. Even some jobs, like the ones in consulting or finance sector, will ask for your ACT score. 

While preparing for it, a lot of students realize it is a hard nut to crack. Here we discuss what makes this test so difficult for the students. 

Strict time constraints
For most of the students, it is the insufficient time for answering the questions that make it so difficult. In case a student gets confused on a particular question, a lot of his/her time is wasted. On an average, a student gets one minute per answer or even less for sections like English. 

Unfamiliar data
According to some students, the science section is the toughest. The reason is that the students have to interpret data which they are not familiar with. As the data related to the experiments that the students have not encountered before, visualizing them is not possible. 

Pressure is high
Sometimes, the stress can make it difficult to solve the questions. Students, in this case, need to learn about techniques to get rid of anxiety. Meditation is recommended by some experts to deal with this issue. 

The students might also face difficulties due to lack of understanding of a particular concept. To manage all these issues, students can contact the Ladder Method. The institute uses a unique method that empowers the individuals to get a good score in ACT.

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