Top Study Tip #5: Getting Organized!

We recommend that students get organized at any point.  As the buddhist monk Pema Chodron, start where you are.  It is never too late or too early to get organized. 


We recommend using a 3 ring binder for your subjects.  You can label the dividers and keep each class organized.  We recommend dividing according to: 1) Notes, 2) Homework, 3) Handouts, 4) Quizzes, 5) Tests. 

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An ACT Success Story: Jake K

Jake started with a composite score of 19 on his initial diagnostic.  A junior at a competitive private school in the Los Angeles area, he struggled with math fundamentals and he self-identified as “bad at reading”.  He also worried that he “was never taught any grammar in school.” Jake was concerned that he would not get into a competitive college with his initial score yet was ambivalent about the ACT Prep process.  

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What makes the ACT so Intimidating?

There are myriad of factors that tell why ACT is so important and so intimidating.  Many parents today, particularly on the West Coast, are unfamiliar with the exam.  For years, the SAT was the most popular and most widely administered exam.  The ACT was something West Coasters thought was only administered in the Mid-West but this has changed completely. 

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Candice Lapin