What is The Ladder Method?

The Ladder Method is a proprietary Meta-Learning method created and developed by our founder Candice Lapin. Her techniques were developed over years while attending The Buckley School and later while attending the prestigious Cornell University in New York. Her staff of Academic Coaches and Private Instructors help your student reach their highest potential, gaining confidence while reducing the time spent studying. 

It is now the method used by countless students whether the student has learning differences, is struggling to pass a class, or is trying to boost their grade in a specific subject.

Our company began with our founder Candice Lapin. Years ago she built a reputation for taking the most academically challenged students and turning them around. She could also take the brightest children to a different level in their studies, helping them to accelerate their learning.

What was the secret to Candice’s success? She wanted to help so many students that came across her path. Yet, she was only one person. How could she bottle her process so parents knew they were getting the same edge even if they were not able to work with her directly?

The Ladder Method was born out of that very question. Each one of our tutors teaches your child the 10 core tenets of Candice’s Ladder Method just as she would. They get all of her best practices in a set of weekly appointments in the same style as Candice because each tutor is trained by Candice directly.

Our story begins with a mission to help each student that works with us get to their highest potential. We know that starts with us.


Extraordinary Outcomes

The Ladder Method delivers extraordinary outcomes with our proprietary method of study skills and effective learning habits: 



On average, 90% of our students improved one letter grade in the subject area where they "Laddered."




Students who use TLM for one subject throughout the school year maintain an A- 84% of the time.




We have helped 22 students in minor distress (C- or below) to achieve a B- 90% of the time.



At least 50% of students who were once in minor distress received an A- on their final exam or paper.



Disclaimer: These results are not a guarantee.  All results may vary.  They reflect the results of our students in the 2016 -2017 academic school year.  


We work with students who attend the following schools:

Archer School for Girls
Brentwood School
The Buckley School
The Center for Early Education
Chaminade School
Curtis Elementary School
Campbell Hall
Harvard Westlake School
John Thomas Dye


Loyola School for Boys
Marlborough School
Marymount High School
Mira Costa
New Roads
Notre Dame High School
Oakwood Secondary School
Sierra Canyon
St. Brendan's
St. Francis
Viewpoint School
Wildwood School

We work with University Students from the following schools: 

George Washington

Boston University
Loyola Marymount
Santa Monica City College


We also privately homeschool students.