Brianna M

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Brianna graduated cum laude from the prestigious University of Alabama where she earned a duel degree—a B.A. in Dance as well as a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.   She has extensive tutoring experience.  While in college she volunteered teaching elementary school (K-6) students all subjects.  Her experience helped her to develop an understanding of how to teach visual, verbal and kinesthetic learners.  As an undergraduate, Brianna also tutored her fellow peers in the maths and sciences, primarily Organic Chemistry.

Brianna also has a deep appreciation for the arts and has danced professionally.  As a college freshman, she started the Summer of Dance Academy in Montgomery, AL.  The purpose of the dance camp was to provide arts education to all ages in the community at little to no cost.  Brianna’s long-term goal is to own her own non-profit organization.


University of Alabama


Homework Help
Elementary Education
Mathematics (All Levels)
Reading Comprehension


The Ladder Method