Learn How to Learn


This is our Signature Study Skills and Meta-Learning program. We teach your child Candice’s core meta-learning process so they can get to the next level of their learning no matter what place, stage or grade!

Kids today are so savvy and have so much access to information they seem sophisticated beyond their years. Yet so many of these same kids don’t have the right tools to navigate school. Layer in all of the technology distractions our children face today. Imagine how much more difficult it is today to get things done. If your child is distracted or doesn’t have the right underlying study skills and mindset, they end up spending time on the wrong things.   With few tools and plenty of distraction, learning today is like trying to navigate something in the dark. The only answer is to create the right foundation through environment, behavior and mentorship.  

In our Learn How to Learn program, our Academic managers and coaches teach your child Candice’s 10 key study habits, meta-learning tools & life skills to help your child better navigate their educational environment.  With this toolkit, no matter your child’s starting point, age or learning profile, we have found that all students can learn how to learn!