The Three Characteristics of a Good Study Spot

Studies (pun intended) have shown that having a good spot to study in is one of the most important factors in increasing performance.  But what makes a good study spot? Here are the characteristics of a place where work can get done!

1.     It’s a Quiet Place

No, I don’t mean it’s a horror movie starring and directed by John Krasinksi. I mean that the ideal study location is away from the majority of the action in the home. When studying, it is crucial to avoid distraction, and hearing the rest of the family making dinner or watching TV can be very destructive to good study habits.

2.     It’s Organized

Another common distraction from studying is making constant trips for more materials. If a student has to continuously get up and sharpen a pencil, or grab more scratch paper, it gets harder and harder each time to sit back down and regain focus. Stock the study space with plenty of paper, pens and any study materials from class they will need.

3.     It’s Comfy (but not Too Comfy)

The study spot should obviously be somewhere the student can sit and focus for extended periods of time and should minimize stress in any way possible. But it also shouldn’t be a place that they associate with other activities! Studying in the TV room more often leads to TV-watching than studying, and the bedroom? They’ll be asleep in minutes.

With these characteristics in mind, where should the study spot be? Parts of the house that have been known to be good are a home office, a den or a drawing room. But it can be anywhere, as long as there are no distractions and it promotes learning!